Fifty! I personally can’t wait to be fifty…I’m eager for the clocks to roll forward and thankfully time is spinning ahead. My son turns 20 this year, my aunt just got married at 67 to her gorgeous 70 year old beau… I’m eager for years to roll on but I’m waiting with baited breath to turn 50!

In response to daily prompt-Fifty


    1. Aww! You should be…it will be fun…like a ‘been there; done that’ moment…extremely hard for anyone to pull the wool over your eyes with all the life experience you’ve been through by the time you turn fifty…cos then (you are truly answerable to no one but yourself)!! It becomes so official…you’ve lived.

      1. Yah! One massive leaf is ‘never let anyone arm wrestle you into doing anything, you really don’t want to do…not even if the person is throwing a pity party…just walk away’. Never let anyone ‘guilt trip’ you …any kind of guilt tripping is manipulation.

      2. Yes, I can attest to that because it’s something I’ve been guilty of in the past. Shameful, I know, but at least it’s something I don’t do any more. Having been on the receiving end of this behaviour has given me a little perspective that I was otherwise lacking. Good leaf! šŸ˜€

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