Me, myself and I 

Sometimes I wish I could see myself how others see me .(just out of curiosity). I know I can be stubborn…very stubborn and I’m sometimes told that I don’t listen. But it would be great to see what others see in order to know when to tone down or tone up the stubbornness a notch. Cos sometimes it is actually best to dig your heels in a lot more or relent a bit. I always do exactly what I want and expect others to do the same. An insight into what others see might be interesting. I can be very self-serving…if I’m not enjoying something, I’m not doing it. My first thought is do I want to? and can I? I’m hardly ever a willing volunteer and I’m not thinking what will I gain (necessarily)….I’m thinking “will it be fun (for me)?” If you ask me to do something…or beg me more like, I probably would…but it has to be spur of the moment and not preplanned where you put my name down for a role I have not even agreed to. So when it comes to say, giving blood, if a pint of my blood will save someone’s life…and I am specifically asked to give because I happen to be in the vicinity and the person is dying…I’ll give blood. But, I will not give blood to a blood bank cos I hate needles. I often buy food for the homeless but I have never volunteered to work in a soup kitchen. I admire people who go way out of their way…like Doctors Without Borders, volunteer fire fighters, anyone who holds an organ donor card, blood donors cos it’s really laudable   I often wonder if they take on all these roles out of civic duty which is even more praiseworthy cos they are thinking of the good of mankind…nice. I’m not wired that way…not really into civic duty…I only help if I can and if I want to. So no…don’t call me selfless (or maybe do). 

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