Get a grip (already)

Being a self employed artist is both a bummer and a joy. A bummer cos I have dry periods…(when I verge on skint). I am supposed to carry on working on my own collections during dry periods but being as stubborn as a mule …I hardly ever do (working on that…need to do so much more during dry spells). Then when it rains, it pours and I find myself juggling commissions, burning the candle both ends…trying not to go all headless chicken. And that’s why I am doing my best to keep calm right now. I basically did zilch the most of July…when I could have completed overdue paintings but didn’t (the height of indiscipline – being so lackadaisical). Now I am swamped with commissions, I have to visit some galleries for inspiration, I have deadlines that I simply have to meet to avoid disrepute, I have to finish incomplete paintings in order to start on a loooong overdue painting commission and I’m taking a long look at myself and asking whyyyyy? do I repeat this cycle every time?

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