I am (something else)

I can be pretty brilliant at coming up with excuses for being absolutely lackadaisical!! Latest in my string of excuses is Netflix! Can you beat that?  How can me purposely sitting in front of a box like a couch potato instead of getting work done be blamed on Netflix?! But I do find a way to justify it to myself…Like Netflix tapped me on the shoulder and said “Oma you need to complete this series in order to pay your bills…you would love it…it’s called Pretty Little Liars…or if you prefer Reign…”  It’s so f***** up cos I blatantly know what I’m doing is verging on non productive (wow…I just said verging on…it is non productive period). Sitting in front of a box watching Netflix instead of getting work done. I need a Skivers Medal (seriously…stop talking about how you are not working and actually get some work done!). Scolding myself till kingdom come won’t solve this…cos I want to watch Velvet on Netflix…I’m on season 3…I’ve got deadlines looming and I’m a joker cos I can bet my last dime I’m going to scold myself tomorrow. Right now I’m basking in the calm before the storm. 

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