Hindsight underlines growth

Sometimes (mostimes) there are things I wish I had had much sooner but I suppose life learning is one big symbiotic process –one thing always leads to another.  With progression only occurring when lessons have been imbued and become second nature. Hindsight is 20:20 …always a case of if I knew then what I know now…but growth had to occur for one to know now what one wishes one knew then. Mostimes I like the idea of something but I’m not quite prepared to really do it because I have not quite developed the resilience and wherewithal to see it through.  I set up this blog back in 2009 cos I liked the idea of blogging and it has taken me seven years to actually take this idea seriously and I suppose that’s because I have been sidetracked by so many other ideas. I was offered the role of freelance blogger for a firm two years ago but never once attended any of the functions I was supposed to blog about…because I wasn’t quite ready to blog (even though I liked the idea of it) Opportunity does not just knock once, opportunities reappear in various guises, the trick is to keep an open mind and be ready to try again…and allow life lessons play the biggest role in how one takes a deepseated idea forward. 

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