My thoughts…

I was really sceptical about scheduling posts earlier but now I think it’s brilliant. Gives me chance to catch up with me. So can pour out all these thoughts and basically queue them so I have time to enjoy a good read. I love reading other bloggers’ posts (I do really…) and aside from that I need to read a book. For the fun of it and to numb my thoughts for a bit. At least, I get to find out how many words pour out before I get some peace…(sounds gibberish) what I’m trying to say is…since I discovered scheduling the thoughts won’t stop…words just fill my head. I mean…just how much have I got to say?? Do I have one week’s worth of posts in my head right now? I don’t know…but I will find out and then maybe…I could just chill…take a break. Does it still sound gibberish?  I always fill my head with music and when I read a good book…even more words swim about in my head. But maybe, that will cure this torrent of thoughts…read a book and go for thought overkill (maybe by adding more thoughts to these thoughts…I’ll get some peace and quiet). It’s still the 13th July and this post will be published in 3 days time…(don’t even know why I wrote that…actually I do – to get some peace). If I don’t pour out the thoughts, I just don’t rest…I shouldn’t be so negative…I can and will rein in my thoughts…somehow. 

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