Thugs calling themselves soldiers. I assume the duty if a soldier is first and foremost to protect the borders of his/her country and to protect the country’s citizenry. Thugs thrive on fear. So when ISIS or ISIL call perpetrators of crimes of cowardice their soldiers, it does my head in.  Soldiers? Defending what? Defending whose borders? Protecting which citizens?  It’s like thieves calling themselves owners. 

They go out of their way to attack defenceless civilians and call themselves soldiers. Hah. Indeed.  Soldiers (my little toe). Tsk. 

Thousands of soldiers attempted a coup d’etat in Turkey yesterday. Not all of them went out of their way to kill defenceless civilians. The coup failed because civilians took to the streets. Most of the soldiers did not want to mow down civilians they are trained to protect. Can ISIS say the same?  Or any terrorist organisation that dares to call themselves soldiers?  Any so called soldier that kills a defenceless civilian is a thug. Thousands of the soldiers who participated in the failed coup have been arrested. 

“Turkish government claims it has regained control and arrested 1,563 mutinous soldiers” (Samuel Osborne, The Independent)

The emphasis is on mutinous soldiers. These soldiers betrayed their call to duty by turning on defenceless citizens that they are meant to protect. (Citizens who had decided to rule themselves via a democratically elected government). Government of the people, by the people and for the people. Soldiers are meant to stand with the people in order to protect them and not against them as though facing an enemy. 

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