Just found out how to schedule my posts and absolutely love it…cos I tend to ramble sometimes and now I can schedule my ramblings. How fun!! Less verbal diarrhoea …more thinking before I speak…(is that such a good thing?) …yeah it is I suppose…to an extent. But this means won’t always share my thoughts in the moment. Is that such a good thing?? I don’t know…kinda like it though. Makes me treat my blog like a blog, I guess and not just a ranting post …(but I love ranting…getting stuff off my chest). Not too sure about scheduling now… but sure at the same time. I’m so spontaneous and words just flow (sometimes). What if I end up with way too many scheduled posts? I need to stop doubting myself..it must be good to have a schedule…shows planning…but I don’t really plan to chat though…just want to get thoughts out my head. Mmmmm….(I don’t know) going to try it for a bit and see how it goes…just not quite used to planning what to say!!! Well just so you know…today is the 13th July and this post will be published in two days’ time…how does even telling you when post will be published make any sense?  Tut. (scheduling might end up being absolute fun…maybe)


    1. Yeah…that’s what I found out after trying scheduling for a bit. Realised its a lot more fun to say what I have to ‘in the moment’ rather than schedule. Now I only schedule ‘incomplete’ posts that I intend to add more info or media to. 😄

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