Rock your world

Sometimes not keeping schtum is like a double dog dare. So…I said it…”what you going to do about it?” ‘Are you going to prove me wrong?’ ‘Are you going to back off?’ ‘Can you stand by your words?’ ‘Did you even hear yoursel speak?’

Don’t keep schtum for any reason whatsoever…find a way to voice your opinion…use stories, poetry, pictures, graphics, action…anything you can (within reason) to speak out. Don’t be wishy-washy, blowing here…there and everywhere. Be true to you…it’s what matters the most. 

Okay…so what if you lose a few friends…they were never yours to start with. If you can’t say it…show it through your actions. Got rubbish friends…dump them. Insistent phone calls and too polite to say no…block the numbers, delete them.  Unhappy with a situation…walk away (do not get held ransom by guilt trips and flimsy excuses) 

Why dance to someone else’s drumbeat when you are still learning the steps to your own song?  


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