Boris…foreign secretary?

I have to say that Boris (bikes) Johnson as Foreign Secretary is the funniest thing ever (not in a nice way). It’s a real job, yeah?  Not a prank. Seriously is this about currying favour or acting dumb or just giving someone a position …oh…cos he led the Brexit vote…so that qualifies him to represent us internationally?What does a Foreign Secretary even do? Sacked Osborne, sacked Gove…oh so it’s about bringing in new faces eh?  Have these new faces actually been tried and tested in their previous roles? (whatever their roles were). I personally think Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary is risible. You just have to laugh…in order not to cry. Well, let the games begin…cos Boris is brill at playing games (in my view)…a real sport…a character…great at role play. He will be brill at playing the role of Foreign Secretary. 

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