Sometimes I’m not in the mood to steer the ship. Sometimes I want the ship to receive a big jolt so that the passengers get their act in gear. Why do I have to do everything in this house?  When mum comes to visit, she likes to take charge (and I’m delighted to let her) …less cooking for me. But when she travels …like now, I’m the only female in this house and the men do next to nothing. I don’t mind cooking (some…times) but come on little things like replacing loo roll…I mean, how hard is that??  I just tire of tidying the house…I don’t (****) live alone. Three grown men live in this house as well!!! Half the time, I run away from the house… like today. Just that when I’m home and not in the studio, I just want a teeny bit of help around the house. It’s not a ship and I am definitely not running it. Home is taken care of by whoever lives in the house…telling me shit about I run the house. Yeah…right. I run outta the house, more like. I blog on my phone, in between chores and work…blogging is my timeout and at the moment helps me keep my sanity. Especially when I feel like screaming…but it’s all good. I’m not running this ship. I’m going to watch it crash. I intend to spend the whole of next week in the studio, visiting galleries and keeping myself out of this house. Working from home…nah…not going to happen. 

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