EE is shit!!!!!!

What a fxxking rigmarole!!!!! Trying to get to the blinking Design Museum at SE1 2YD and got lost!!! Depending on my useless phone!!!! Should have taken uber!!!!!!! Useless EE couldn’t work city mapper!!!! What kind of piss take???!!!! I am so angry!!!! Only ranting cos if I don’t will smash the phone. Got two phones….the one I am blogging on is a babe. The other poor fxxking excuse for a phone that is in my bag is total rubbish cos it runs on EE. Don’t even know why I used the damn phone to attempt to navigate my fricking journey. Now the museum is shut and today was its last day!!!!!!

Just came all the way out for nothing!!!!! Could have stayed home and put my feet up and there were so many fxxking roadworks at Tower Gateway! Couldn’t walk it cos didn’t know which direction to walk cos rubbish phone didn’t know (should have taken uber) and it was supposedly two stops away from the station!!!! Tsk! Cheesed off!!!! How one when you get lost nobody ever knows the way!! I must have asked at least 10 people…nobody knew where the fricking Design Museum was!! No wonder it’s shutting down…no one can fricking find it!!!! Good fxxking riddance. (not good riddance…I like museums…sorry the Design Museum at Shad Thames (SE1 2YD) is closing its doors today. Wish I’d left home earlier…then would have had lots of time to lose my way and find it again. 

There is such a big diiference between a contract phone and (fricking) pay as you go (EE) phone. 

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