A right moody cow…

I’m just realising that I can be a right moody cow.  Today on way to submit scheme of work, I was in a right mood. If thoughts could kill, so many people would have simply dropped…was pissed cos people were walking too slow, pissed cos some man with a walking stick wouldn’t show appreciation when I let him on the bus before me, the safety bars on the bus seemed sweater and gunkier than usual…the whole bus stank of I don’t know what…Pissed for reasons that wouldn’t normally irritate me. 

Now that I’ve submitted my scheme of work and have got ‘me’ time back, I’m just pleased with the whole world. You could walk like a tranquilized tortoise in front of me and I wouldn’t even side step, I would enjoy the slow-mo stroll. I now know for a fact that it takes very little to piss me off and equally as little to please me. I was just blanking everyone in my path this afternoon, just wishing them to disintegrate out of my path. But now, I’m making eye contact, I’m very pleased. No wonder my husband says it takes patience to understand me and I’m like nonplussed every time he says that cos …so what??? it takes patience to understand anyone especially him!  But I really do get, why my family give me a wide berth when I’m on the warpath (never thought of myself as ever being on the warpath till today…the mood I was in!!!) and all because I just wanted to get the final submission over and done with. It’s even quite nippy at the moment and I’m still happy. 

Happy to be back home and happy that I have no intention whatsoever to cook for anyone other than myself!

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