Playing the clown…

Nigel Farage is such a clown ….talking shit!! What a knobhead…what a gobshite!! How embarrassing!! First of all, what is he even doing (at the meeting) in Brussels? Who is he supposed to be representing? Telling the members at the EU parliament that he knows none of them have ever held a real job in their lives or worked in business or created jobs. Seriously now I know he makes a fantastic clown. Wow! Is it a gimmick? Is he trying to get a rise out of the EU parliament? Is he for real??? Wow…Britain’s answer to Trump. Some countries do have ’em! He wants a grown up and sensible attitude to how we negotiate a different relationship. Okay, so he is an MEP but seriously does he have to play the clown? 

You cannot eat your cake and have it!! Not in the real world! (there is always a catch).  Isn’t it funny how the media is not dissing Nigel now? (rather seems to be on his side). Saying Nigel had a moment of victory…really?  

I voted ‘leave’ I don’t want to play hokey pokey. We will survive this…we are resilient and industrious. (whether my vote was wrong or right is to be seen – dust still not settled). But I do know a stiff upper lip is not for nothing. 

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