Awww…😩😍 didn’t get into MA programme…don’t know whether to be happy or sad right now. (not going to do the sour grapes thing I tend to do when things don’t go my way). Really disappointed but as usual I’ve got plan B.  Actually I’ve got to revert to plan A cos I pushed aside plan A for plan B …(does this make sense?). I had plan A,B and C. So plan A was train to be a teacher, plan B was go for my Massters, plan C is start blogging (seriously), plan D is merge blogging and art. So plan B flopped (for now) cos I did not get an offer (that’s the interview I attended after 24 hours of no sleep- not an excuse- but had to throw it in ‘I love excuses!’). So, now I need to get my head in gear for plan A and move plan C to plan B …(whaaaaa????). Okay so now, blogging is plan A-ish? merging art and blogging is plan A-ish and carry on training to be a teacher is plan B. I need to focus on my art practice. Got to focus on my art practice, which is a culmination of fine art and creative writing. 

I love plans. Cos I’m always juggling them…forever have loads of nest eggs in my basket! So blogging-check, writing creatively via blogging-check, merging art and blogging-in progress, carry on training to be a teacher-? (to be checked…?)


  1. How soon can you reapply or find a new school for your MA? Did you need to take the GRE? I haven’t taken mine yet but the school I want doesn’t require it. It goes by my BA GPA and field experience.

    1. Oh wow…(what is GRE?) could apply to another university I guess ASAP (still kinda licking my wounds at the moment). Like the idea of BA and field experience…what uni did you go to? Yeah…(I think I should apply to another uni). Thanks Drem…(I really shouldn’t sit licking wounds). I’m going to apply for another uni 🙏😘

      1. Before you get into a MA program you need to complete your BA, which is a 4 year undergraduate degree (at least that is how it is in the USA). The exam for many schools is either the ACT or SAT with optional SATII requirements.

        Once that is done, you take the GRE for general MA program. If you were going into law you would take the LSAT, etc. There are a few.

        I went to NYU. I did a ton of internships and worked the whole time doing one thing or another that’s related to my field- museum curatorship.

        If I were you I would really sit down and figure out what you need to do before you apply so you make sure to have all your work submitted and ready to go.

      2. Yeah that’s what I’ll do…create a lot more work in the studio. Cos I studied Book Arts. I’ve got a BA and wanted to go for the MA in Book Arts. So I’ll definitely create a lot more work related to my field before I reapply ( probably next year). Thanks again…so great to just ‘talk it out’ …helps me see so much clearer ( just need to do more groundwork now)

      3. If you have your BA, then yay! For my BA I applied to 12 schools. For my MA I applied to 1 school. It’s not the best school but it’s good for what I want and will only take me 1 year instead of 2 years. I got in because I was overqualified for it (I have the experience to literally work as a curator now, but I don’t have my full credentials). I keep delaying it, though, because I am having a lot of health issues.
        I like talking it out (:

        Also, a lot of MA programs accept students in the Fall and Spring semester. So you can always apply in the Spring.
        Have you thought about what to do to better your resume? I can help you with that. I’ve helped other people irl. I don’t want you to be upset. I really know how it is to feel overwhelmed and disappointed. You aren’t alone and your groundwork idea is a great one.

      4. Yeah. I’ll definitely reapply 😀. And I might not even apply to UAL again cos that’s where I studied for my BA and wanted to study for my MA at same uni. I’ll probably apply somewhere else (or try to…knowing me, I’ll apply to UAL again) I need to look at other universities. Brilliant that you can work as a curator now. I’m going to hold you to your word, when about to reapply, I will send you my resume, so you could go through it. Thank you so much for being so supportive. 🙏😀

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