I’m good…

Wish I knew how my younger self wrote poetry. I’m sure I write poetry in a different form…. not in stanzas or verses (consoling myself…and rightly so) cos I am positive blogging is poetic. So I do not need to doubt myself…(why am I doubting myself?). I do write poetry…I blog. My younger self did not blog. Fine she was a very intense person…I may not be that intense but that’s a brill thing…I have conversations with me…I can talk to me for days on end and that’s brilliant. So forget all this looking back and wishing I could write poetry. I write poetry…period. And I’m healing…and I beat my own drums…and I love me…and I’m taking back ‘me’ time. So yes…it’s all good. (I am intensely fun…so yes, I’m intense) but why do I look back? (it’s not a bad thing to look back, is it?). I’m sure it’s not.  So what if I look back? I’m curious, that’s why. I’m looking back to see how far I have come. Yay me!!!

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