Journey back in time (poetry)

Transcribing poetry can be so addictive…the more you uncover the more you want to see…Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and take a peek at me…look over my shoulder to see what inspired the younger me. I have so many questions…going through poems will not answer all of them but will definitely give me an insight into me and might answer why I suddenly stopped writing poetry. I haven’t come across any poems written in 2005 or (have I? I would remember if I had…wouldn’t I? It’s quite an interesting journey…Kind of makes me realise how much I’ve grown up (mentally)…at one point (based on my poetry) I was in crazy love and so gullible, at another point, I was angry with the whole world, then I was bitter and frustrated, then I went through a man-hating phase, then I became a zealot…then I became a sell out (writing for pennies not passion…eurghh)…the stage I’m at with the poems…think I’m slowly leaving the poetry for pennies stage. It’s good to get paid for poetry but have you seen some of the sxxt I was churning out circa 2000 (most of the undated stuff) no passion just words lumped together and probably framed!!! Nah men…without passion, what is poetry? Bare bones, if you ask me. Passion is the meat…you need something to chew on, mull over, digest… but it wasn’t all bad…there were one or two interesting commercial pieces like a dedication…like that poem. Well, I am definitely healing cos can talk about the poems…couldn’t yesterday. Yay me!  Hope to carry on transcribing this week…I’m curious. 

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