It’s so ‘peng’

It’s so weird…(okay…maybe not weird) but when I first started blogging…I just wanted to put my thoughts out there- granted I was a bit self conscious. Then when I realised that I can be faceless and chat…(I don’t know if faceless is best description but it kinda is…) ok, being a bit faceless I have grown in confidence. But sharing poetry…now that is a different ball game cos it is soooo personal. Does this make any sense? What I think I’m trying to say is that I’m a bit reckless when I blog cos I feel I can talk about anything (now I feel that way – ever since I started posting poems I wrote years ago…). I don’t think poetry comes to me that easy anymore…I know I just bluuurbbbb when blogging…whatever comes to my head, my fingers type…and I like it. But I never knew there was such a large community (of poets, writers, bloggers). I don’t even know what I thought (I didn’t think that far) and the nicest part of it all is that my family don’t know there are any of my poems online…I’m just sneakily freeing my mind, uncluttering my thought process, my life…it’s just as my son would say (when he was younger) peng.    

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