Such a picky eater

I used to be a very picky eater, especially when I was much younger.  I could never share a cup (still find it terribly disturbing  to drink out of the same cup with anyone), I could never leave my food uncovered –I would have to eat it straight away…none of that leaving it on the table to go get anything ;I’ll take it with me. I could never ever share a spoon or fork (still find it (you guessed it) deeply disturbing. I once was kind of cornered into tasting my sister’s smoothie through a straw. It was literally the hardest thing ever cos I had to put on a really brave face. I was sure I would catch the flu or some tongue/throat bug!!. So imagine my chagrine, when I got home yesterday and saw some popcorn in a bowl and my mum in the kitchen – I stuffed a mouthful – halfway through a chew- I asked my mum when she made the popcorn. She said “I made it this morning, before I went out”. I spat it all out. 

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