I do ‘me’

My father is an advocate for peace. And I’m not saying this because he’s my father but he is an advocate for peace. He sometimes leads the call to prayer at his local mosque, he is a vegan cos he cannot bear the thought of killing animals for food (I know -bit extreme- (in my book) but it’s a free world ), I love the fact that he is a vegan- more meat for me (I don’t see the animal killed before I eat the meat…and even if I did…I would still eat the meat). I did try to be a vegetarian once (lasted about four hours), cos someone told me meat takes forever to digest. The point is my dad is a stout muslim, reads his Quran every single day (same way I read my Bible every single day). He has never tried to force me to become a muslim nor try to convert my husband (who is a Christian). He is very accommodating, believes in ‘Sadaka’ aka charitable giving and abhors violence. I have a friend who is very open minded and a muslim, totally non judgemental and she reads her Quran every single day (same way I read my Bible every single day). I have friends who do not believe in God (should that make them any less my friends? Of course not!). My father is fasting during Ramadan, I’m stuffing my face. As a child, I was never forced to become either muslim or christian by my parents. I was told I will make up my mind when I grow up (now I’m all ‘growed’ up and I looove reading my bible) but that doesn’t mean I would force anyone to read a bible or believe in God. Free world; free will. (you do ‘you’ and I do ‘me’). So all this muslims are this …I have lost my train of thought…I started out blogging that my dad is a muslim and not all muslims are terrorists.  Yeah…and not all christians are bible bashers either and not all atheists are …(I don’t know what brush atheists are tarred with). I just know that I love the fact that I was brought up by a kind hearted, vegan, ‘always giving sadaka’ muslim father who taught me all I know about ‘doing me my way’.  

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