So what???

So if one person is gay…how does it make the person less of a person? How does the person warrant abuse and mistreatment because of his sexuality? How does the love life of a gay person affect the love life of a heterosexual person? Since when has it become one size fits all? And if it ‘don’t fit- fix it?’ What utter nonsense…so basically if I refuse to wear shoes- someone else’s feet will hurt? I do not ‘get’ homophobia because I do not understand how one person’s life choices affect someone else…and I am not talking financial choices (like bankers and s..t)…just basic daily living. Like saying if a gay guy kisses his boyfriend, I will never get kissed again (how???) It is a free world, we are not robots and never should be…it can never be ‘one size fits all’ cos we are all individual. If I put my hand in fire, does yours get burned?? What is it???? I think homophobia is all about control…trying to fit people into some little box. I don’t want to be like anyone else, I am proud to be me. I draw the line at anyone physically attacking anyone else, in any way whatsoever but as for lifestyle…me being heterosexual should not affect a gay person…neither should his lifestyle affect mine. So what if a person is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual, transgender or heterosexual?  How does that affect the air we breathe???

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