I’m calling a ‘time out’ cos right now I’m all ‘blogged out’ Are you allowed to say that on a blog?  Isn’t that like affecting your readership and shooting yourself in the foot?  Knowing me…well, I’m still getting my head round ‘me’- …wow…(I digress and I am lost for words as well). 

I have been blogging everyday for one week straight and I kinda feel burnout (as per blogging). My paint brushes are calling…I need a ‘paint, draw, sketch’ fix. I can feel the acrylics and smell the oils. My fingers itch for charcoal and pencils. I desperately want to stretch canvas. I don’t want to rant, blog or even look at WordPress for at least two weeks!! (that’s long, innit?). Reckon I’ll stay away that long? Naaah!  I’ll probably be back tomorrow (touch wood- hopefully not!).  Still (touching wood, crossing fingers aside) I will do my upmost to stay away from this blog for at least a week. No rants, no pics. I need me some studio loving, to get down and dirty with oils and acrylics and create some art. Because I’ve got deadlines looming and I’ve spent a whole week hanging out with this blog. So it’s time to say…I’ll keep you posted! (I’ve always wanted to say that- keep you posted- cracks me up every time I see that sentence). ‘Keep me posted?’ About what??? Okay now, I’m ranting. I really got to go…I really love blogging but I need to paint. Bye.

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