I’ve got the ‘runs’ (how graphic!!)

I knew it was too good to be true!  You write when you want to write. There is no on-off switch and besides I paint with words. So let’s just imagine that these keypads are my oils and acrylics and this blog is the canvas I love to stretch. So I really am painting and stretching canvases and even though I am not physically in the studio where I am meant to be (what a mouthful), I am having fun -neglecting…no, ignoring my deadlines.  Until it is too late and I’m about to miss the deadline and adrenaline kicks in and I swoosh into action and…(wow, really going at it with the ‘ands’ today). I don’t know…I just love blogging so much…even when I’m rambling and talking nonsense (like now). It’s an outlet and I need to ramble sometimes…loads of times. It’s just so much fun ‘chatting nonsense’. My very own psychotherapy session! I said I’m taking a break (hoo-ha) not getting rid of me so easily (now this is me talking to me). Verbal diarrhea!!

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