This is going to sound really bad and a bit ‘haughty’ and ‘self righteous’ but spelling mistakes really rub me the wrong way. We’re all guilty of them (well, I am – but never knowingly though). I would google a word, use the thesaurus, spell checker, double check, use auto correct to make sure a word has been ‘spelt’ correctly. So I find it pretty annoying when I am enjoying a really good read, especially online and suddenly come across a very, very, very obvious spelling mistake…that could so very easily have been corrected at time of posting. Does sound a bit ‘haughty’ doesn’t it? It’s just my thing…rubs me the wrong way. For me, bad spelling is a ‘given’ if it has been written down by hand but when any kind of technology is involved, not using a spell checker is a whole ‘other’ level of lazy!! (I do love a good rant)

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