Zoom classes…

This lockdown has made me reevaluate….see things in a different light. I never used to be one for online chats…. not that I’m all that into Houseparty but…..online life drawing classes are the bee’s knees and I’m really enjoying yoga online…..I’m all for Zoom classes! Got a webcam cos my laptop is most definitely lacking a functional camera!

I’m painting more and I love it! I really like all this me-time I’m having….honing skills….exploring options. Spending more time plein air painting rather than in the studio! Refreshing.

Hopefully when this lockdown is over ….options for Zoom life drawing and Zoom yoga classes will remain.

I actually ordered a yoga mat, straps and blocks….taking more responsibility for my practice….that’s growth.

When life gives you lemons….make the yummiest lemonade.

Thank goodness for broadband!

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