Wannabe newscasters!

Why do some people pass on fake news like it’s real. I don’t get it! It’s either they (the news passers-on) thrive on the hype….drama…gossip. It’s in such bad taste….truly warped game of Chinese whispers. What annoys me most is the fact that I go online double check the ‘said news’ and it’s dated eons ago….been rebuffed. Usually a minuscule percentage of an atom’s worth of truth in the said news!!!

I have no idea why seemingly intelligent people who receive this warped news from the ether and pass it on to me. Is gullible written on my head somewhere??? I find fake news sooooooo irritating because it makes me doubt the soundness of mind of the person who passes it on to me. I’m like….seriously….you cannot honestly buy that and go round peddling it. And in your wildest dreams you actually thought I would buy it as well!!!! It’s like the ‘newscaster’ is basically crying wolf ….and if they ever pass on to me real news ….I’ll take it with a spoonful of salt. It just erodes their credibility!!! I mean seriously how gullible can a person be?????

I just end up deleting their chats without even reading….cos I think they have sent me some more baloney…

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