Approaching design with trepidation.

So……I have had the busiest month ever….!!!! Juggling day job and art studio!! Mental fatigue.

I only breathed a sigh of relief TODAY…. knowing that I’m not preparing for a craft fair or working on a commission neither am I working my day job (school’s out for summer break).

I have been pulling myself in all directions!!!! Burning the candle period till my fingers were dripping with hot wax….what a burn!

Not once did I watch Netflix or Amazon Prime… least not till today.

Now that I can rest…. I appreciate the hard graft I have put in these past 5 weeks!!! It took me 5 weeks of pulling myself in all directions to complete the commission I was working on. I loathed and loved every minute of it ….the adrenaline rush of racing deadlines really is something.

Boxed and delivered.


Wraparound case binding

Same journal

Concertina fold pages (work in progress)

Cover – acrylic and gesso over gold leaf (work in progress)

Painted (work in progress)

When I started painting the covering for this journal….I kept doubting myself.

The finished product blew me away….didn’t know I had it in me to complete this commission….just knew that I had to carry on.

And the buyer was delighted. Sigh of relief.


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