I have never known how to be regimented in what I eat….trying to lose belly fat. I am a sorry sight at dieting. I only like the idea of eating plans….I stick them up to be seen everyday as though the plan would magically manifest without me putting it into action. I just like eating what I want whenever. I mean I hate sugar, juice from concentrate, oily foods…I’m a ‘itty-bitty’ eater but still I yearn for a ‘washboard’ tummy. Part of the problem might the fact that I find recipes tiresome (for no apparent reason ….) aside from the fact that I detest being in the kitchen clueless. So any dieting recipe that requires me to put together foods I wouldn’t normally eat is a very hard ask. More so when I need to cook the food!

I (loath to admit it) loooove shortcuts when it comes to cooking. I would rather order ‘a take out’ via Deliveroo….’a healthily grilled meal’ or buy ready cooked quinoa, couscous and broad beans. I hear preparing healthy meals from scratch are a breeze and supposedly fulfilling but I’m ‘yet to catch that bug’. So now I’m taking Juice plus supplements….Berry Blend capsules. Let’s see what happens as per washboard tummy.


  1. You definitely don’t have to make all of your own food to be healthy or to reach any of the goals you’ve set for yourself. Depending on where you’re from, there are all kinds of meal services (and some seem to be comparable to what you’d spend at the store anyway). Or you can implement a couple key ideas for when you eat out. I try to get some lean protein, a veggie or a fruit, smart carb, and a little fat in. Focusing more on building habits instead of following rules allows you to be more flexible in your day to day life and it truly DOES become a lifestyle that fits into the life you’re already living rather than trying to fit your life into a dietish lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and let me know ow I can support you on this journey!

  2. I like to get together with friends to make packable lunches for the week… saves tons of money. This winter we’ve done a couple of soup swaps. Everyone cooks one soup, brings it and then takes home serving size containers of multiple soups… there’s also a salad thing. Imagination and friends makes it fun and easy

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