I have never known how to be regimented in what I eat….trying to lose belly fat. I am a sorry sight at dieting. I only like the idea of eating plans….I stick them up to be seen everyday as though the plan would magically manifest without me putting it into action. I just like eating what I want whenever. I mean I hate sugar, juice from concentrate, oily foods…I’m a ‘itty-bitty’ eater but still I yearn for a ‘washboard’ tummy. Part of the problem might the fact that I find recipes tiresome (for no apparent reason ….) aside from the fact that I detest being in the kitchen clueless. So any dieting recipe that requires me to put together foods I wouldn’t normally eat is a very hard ask. More so when I need to cook the food!

I (loath to admit it) loooove shortcuts when it comes to cooking. I would rather order ‘a take out’ via Deliveroo….’a healthily grilled meal’ or buy ready cooked quinoa, couscous and broad beans. I hear preparing healthy meals from scratch are a breeze and supposedly fulfilling but I’m ‘yet to catch that bug’. So now I’m taking Juice plus supplements….Berry Blend capsules. Let’s see what happens as per washboard tummy.


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