Not been blogging much lately…

I barely find time to talk about what I’m doing at the moment. Every moment is precious….used to think I was brilliant at multitasking….still feel I am to an extent however my ‘work in progress’ has got my full attention and I’m finding it tasking to think of anything else but my ‘work in hand’…don’t even want to ‘chat about it’ just want to get it done. My day job is not doing me any favours either. I just ‘go through the motions’ …counting the hours till end of day so could get to the studio….every once in a while a spanner is thrown in the works – take today, didn’t go to studio cos it’s hubby’s birthday. Not that he’s even doing anything special, I just thought a sacrifice of my studio time is fair enough. And now that I’m chatting about this….I actually feel better for my ‘studio time sacrifice’. Time out…is a good thing. All work and no play et al.

I have most definitely missed the blogosphere but my new collection has definitely got my full attention (got me whipped).

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