A good hair day (hoping for)

I have finally sussed ….(I presume I’ve sussed) how to take care of my hair. It has taken me months to actually understand how to properly moisturise this hair. There are so many ‘hair gurus’ out there it’s pretty hard to keep up with just how to take care of 4c high porosity hair. Yep…I have done that much research…to know all the labels attached to my ‘kinky coily’ hair.

So I intend to leave my hair in two strand twists for as long as possible. I will wash, deep condition, ACV rinse in twists because I am truly done with the constant manipulation as I try to grow my hair that I give in. Well…not really giving in…I have come to a consensus with my hair…I will do my bit to keep it clean and moisturised and I expect it to grow (whilst in long term two strand twists). Let’s see what happens by end of October….if I can last that long without tweaking my hair.

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