The vibe in a studio is more-ish when you just get on with it. As long as I’m working on (my work) painting, drawing, doodling, making…the vibe is fine. I need to give you the backstory….

So I went to the studio as per usual yesterday (been loving it ever since school was out – left to me the holidays will be longer…I work as a TA). So….(pardon the digression) got to the studio, beavering away happily (cat got cream comes to mind) when another artist comes in…(it’s an open plan studio) and complements me on being alone in this ‘massive’ space. Actually she didn’t use the word ‘massive’ it was implied. She wondered how I could work on my own in this space because she found the vibe eerie. Why? The gist of her ‘eerie vibe conclusion’ is that this massive studio space is not yet filled with artists.

My studio is within a school for Mosaics. More studio spaces for artists are in the planning…there really is the potential for a bustling art hub. Meanwhile I am delighted to just get on with it…it cost a pittance, I could put up shelves (basically knock into walls with a hammer and nail or drill) … I didn’t though. An on-site ceramicist/handyman put up the shelves for a ‘cuppa’ basically. What’s not to love? Eerie doesn’t come to mind. (gift horse, dog’s bollocks, cream, the lottery…anything but eerie).

So it’s quiet…I got music playing in the background and I’m working (if you can call doing what you love work) so the vibe is always buzzing.

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