Hot wax…

I am exhausted! I need a mind break. Got way too much going on….just going through the motions. One foot in front of the other…appearances. Not very easy being a one man band…(exactly how I feel right now). Got so much to do!!! Can barely sleep for ‘worrying’…not that worry ever solved anything! Still cannot help it. So turned to the only thing I know that could give me a much needed mind break….blogging. Just pouring it all out….decluttering.

It’s pretty awful how introverted I can be…well maybe awful is a strong word…but I do put up appearances. I had a ‘jamais vu’ at work yesterday….twice. One in the staff room briefing and next in the playground (getting kids in for registration). It took all my wits to ‘snap out of it’… no actually it didn’t. I just waited it out….jamais vu is kind of like an ‘absence’…only I know I’m going through it (if that makes any sense). And the one way to avoid it is to declutter my thoughts…

I’m worried about exhibition next week, finding time to finish artwork, signage, screen printing, bills, more bills, and finding me time.

The candle is non existent right now….burnt down both ends and my fingers are singed!

(good thing practised hot yoga yesterday)…probably why I’m decluttering right now…(I hope).

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