One week of bliss…not (half term break)

18th February 2018

One week is a long time when you are having fun! Time flies obviously but each day is packed and worthwhile. This is how I feel right now.

I have spent my half term break extremely well. Not once did I cook (yay!). I definitely did not do any work! I just chilled…put my feet up….did a bit of ‘arm chair shopping’…ordered food.

Yep…just about ‘broke the bank’ but not quite.

Okay…I did do some work….picked up flyers for craft fair. Paid for a screen prep. Ordered business stuff…

But most of all….I totally did not ‘live in the kitchen’ and that to me is a week well spent.

Could have done a bit more…like see an exhibition or go see the Chinese New Year celebrations but it just wasn’t that kind of week. It was a totally ‘me time’ week….not.

Checking through my blog drafts…I found the post below written when I actually found some ‘me time’. I actually had an exhausting week…none of that ‘I chose to do nothing this week’ flaff written above. I was too exhausted to do anything! And the only bit of me time was actually found in the hair salon


15th Feb 2018

So…for down time …I took myself to a salon. Lord knows I’ve been working so hard that half term has basically been lost on me…one week to put my feet up and I’ve done everything but rest!

So this …

feels like bliss…

Gosh look at that pic I’m knackered! Couldn’t sleep….

Thinking bills, work, upcoming exhibition, what hairstyle to do….just could not sleep. I seriously need yoga!

Anyway I’m not going anywhere fast right now….sitting under the dryer.

19th Feb 2018

And when I blogged yesterday….blinkers were on….I couldn’t remember feeling that knackered.

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