It’s amazing how I always have paper to hand, but never really ‘write’. Longhand writing is so therapeutic! I’m not just filling in a ‘to-do’ list, a greeting card or filling out a form…I’m actually ‘writing’ in a journal. Wow!

16th January 2018

Woke up this morning thinking to myself how I used to write a lot when I was younger…funny how life turns full circle…back to some things you used to do…(and you attempt…(no)…most probably do ‘same old’ things much better {or not})

I did wonder how I was going to fill in a 200+ page journal I have… (now I know!) Putting pen to paper is like a ‘duck to water’…comes so naturally…(something we should all do more often) …or do I just speak for myself here? What seemed at first glance so tedious… and time consuming is actually so invigorating!…(and fulfilling).

Taken me so long to realise how much journaling ‘gives’. So unbelievably fun. Then again…you have to ‘catch the bug’ and I have most definitely caught it!

(Art college encouraged reflective writing but I didn’t see the point! Same way I didn’t see the point in ‘visiting exhibitions’ but here I am…aptly reflective)


  1. I always write longhand when I have things to figure out. But after years of practice, it is almost as easy to just type it in. My handwriting has deteriorated over time.

    1. Writing longhand is such a ‘novelty’ for me right now. I doubt if anyone but myself can read what I have written! And you are right…it most definitely helps ‘figure stuff out’

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