Is it Day 12?

I actually feel physically sick….I can think of a million and one excuses why my practice was extremely hard today.
1. I haven't eaten all day…just some grapes, carrots dipped in sour cream and chives. I am totally whipped. I don't function very well on an empty belly (near empty belly).

It's probably day 11…or is it day 12? I'm too hungry and tired to think. I didn't even want to practise today….I didn't practise yesterday. I had a grace day….I have had three grace days so far…
I am tired of this 30 day challenge. I really want to quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For some obscure reason I assumed my belly fat would convert into energy…for my practice…no such luck. I was too tired to hold asanas.

2. I slept very late…about 3 am…busy twisting my hair and watching Netflix. Too tired to even remember what I was watching…'Orange is the new black'.

3. I hardly drank much water today…probably dehydrated.

4. There are close to a million reasons I'm too tired to name…swirling about in my head.

Why on earth did I take on this challenge?????? I need timeout.

I really hope I feel better tomorrow.

So what if I quit this challenge?? I took on this challenge on a whim…I can quit on a whim.

I am soooooo hungry and thirsty.

Very few things taste as nice as toast and as much as I'm not a fan of sugar…I had a sip of Lucozade Orange…gosh it's sweet!

I am ready ish for tomorrow. Not giving up on the 30 day challenge.


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