Just seen a play so intense it leaves you wanting more!!!!! Well written…sublime acting incorporating classical dance. Totally absorbing…you could hear a pin drop….  Full Circle brings to life Helen, Phaedra,Clytemnestra and Medea…four women that swell the pages of Greek Tragedy. It was a ‘watch with baited breath’ production. Four amazing actresses… (Euripedes would be clapping with glee at the inspired portrayal of these four villainous women). Epic! (Homer would probably yell…) Being a bit ‘tongue in cheek here. But seriously…epic. 

Phaedra was played by Niamh Branigan. 

Helen was played by Laura McKee

Medea was played by Lucy Avison. 

Clytemnestra was played by (the writer of this awesome play) Madelaine Cunningham. 

Hats off to the superb director: Madison Maylin. 

Production: Black Sheep (who defo have a discerning eye for excellence)

Selfie with Lucy (who played Medea brilliantly). 

Play is currently showing at Theatre N16, 77 Bedford Hill, Balham, SW12 9HD.  It truly is a must see and is only showing till Wednesday the 24th May! 

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