Photography bias

What a fulfilling day I have had (still having). 

Just been to the Radical Eye exhibition. Photographs from Sir Elton John’s collection. Just seeing a Varvara Stepanova, Aleksander Rodchenko, Man Ray, Herbert Bayer and so many others upfront will do me (for now). So many modernist photographers…and I sneakily took some photos (and I don’t feel naughty at all!!!!…bad!)…well, you know what ‘they’ say about rules (you snooze; you lose)…😀😀 (sometimes, in good faith…are meant to be broken). And believe me taking photos of awesome photography was most definitely in good faith…for my own peace of mind…and the sumptuous feeling of fulfilment that I have right now…  I looooove photography!!!!! I actually appreciate it as a most credible and illuminating art form long as it involves a darkroom. I need to get with the ‘times’ cos I am still biased against digital photography as an art form in itself. I see digital photography as a creative tool rather than art. But film photography… now you are talking! (shutter-eyed bias)

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