Squirrelling away ‘gone nuts’

Hubby will not throw away half eaten, (basically forgotten ‘left in the fridge on a plate’) food!!!!!! I do not get it! Yes, waste not; want not and all that…but half eaten, ‘discarded’ food?  Same goes for drinks…a half empty can of sprite had been sitting in the fridge for one whole week I emptied it cos he would leave it there forever. Who wants ‘soda gone flat’? …or half eaten ‘sat in the fridge for weeks’ food? It is anathema to him to empty a half eaten plate into the food waste bin. It’s always ‘ I’ll eat it later’ … (which translates to ‘never’). I do not get the ‘half eaten plate’ in the fridge gig. Either take what you can eat or eat what you take…and if neither works …think compost!  

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