Beautiful differences

I went to see the film ‘Arrival’ with my son and it struck me just how different we are. He is all science, logic…I’m very flash, bang, wallop!  He absolutely loved the film…I (almost fell asleep). It is a good film …my son would call it breathtaking. He is a trendy geek and (geeks are pretty cool cos they are so smart). So I’m delighted he’s doing cartwheels over this intelligent film. At the end of the film, I was waiting to see ‘what next’ … my son was good to go. 

Last night whilst I was whooping at fireworks, my son was reading his texts intermittently!  I’m like whaaa??? (such a beautiful difference in character. It’s hilarious)

He is teaching me to spend wisely because he is so logical … (will not spend a penny unless absolutely necessary). I’m learning to think more… ‘what will he do?’ when contemplating an ‘impulse’ buy. Sometimes it works, other times my base ‘caution to the wind’ attitude wins. However I see things he doesn’t… I can visualise solutions whilst he’s busy focusing on the next logical step. So yeah… creatives are just as smart! I actually prefer ‘The Martian’ to ‘Arrival’. And I’d rather watch ‘Captain America: Civil War’ than either of the two. 


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