This year…

Reflecting on this year…(although it has been ‘worldwide turbulent’) it has been a year of personal growth for me. I definitely came out of my shell this year…I stopped ‘the whole creativity in isolation’ gig I have had going on for so long. I opened my eyes to the world around me. I let my thoughts out! …and found my voice. I see myself as a sapling but with very sturdy roots…as a butterfly just emerging from its chrysalis. I don’t think twice about ‘what I want to say about myself’ …I can be disparaging about myself as well as praise myself to high heavens. I am fearless … (about my emotions)…and I only look to myself for valediction of my opinions. I have learnt to blow my trumpet of feelings loud and clear in order to stem the barrage of thoughts in my head. I have learnt to trust myself a little more …and to feed on the doubt that fuels frenzied creativity by pushing myself when I get cold feet. I have discovered a world of bloggers…I never knew existed…a community that I can tap into. So yeah…2016 has been turbulent…given me a good shake up. No more going with the flow… more like finding an outlet and gushing out…

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