(cannot believe it’s ‘that time’ already)!!

Oh gosh…!!!  Christmas Day is round the corner!!!  Yesterday I asked my son what we’ll eat on Christmas Day!! If looks could kill!! You’d think I had just asked to smash up his ps4!  He retorted “…you’re asking me!!!”

I am not looking forward to cooking!!!

Feeling pretty daunted but inspired at the same time by Santa is in Town cos I haven’t bought any pressies…just about put up a Christmas tree cos my son kept moaning about ‘the elusive Christmas tree’ …  

My mum usually does all this Christmassy stuff!!! I’m so last minute dot com…and I hardly ever buy cards!!! 

(it’s all a bit too consumerish for me…) but I will do my utmost to join the Christmas cheer and cook…(cards will be pushing it)

I told my son to think of what he’d like to eat and we’ll look up recipes! and cook together cos no way, no how, do I intend to slave over a hot stove! on my own. (not going to happen)

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