Common sense doesn’t always prevail in the end…and the choice of the new president-elect by the American electorate seems a sure case of cutting off your nose to spite your face. Track records must count for something… 

You hear people say ‘he will do right for the American people’. Well I’ll believe that when I see it!  I know for a fact that absolute power corrupts absolutely – it’s been proven time and again. The games will truly begin when he is sworn into office and then he will bring out his deck of trump cards and show America who is boss. (I cross my fingers and hope against hope that I am wrong). But I’m going with my gut here…

On the other hand, the electorate only had two dismal choices and decided to go with the ‘devil they don’t know’. It was a hard choice but hey presto …the world has got ringside seats waiting for the Apprentice to take on his new role. This is make or break time …bring on 2017 let’s see if America stands tall or totters. It’s either going to be genius or dismally comical. The ‘sleeping giant’will either be taken seriously or the butt of (the mother of all) jokes. Afterall, the American people have played a trump card.  We’ve got four years to see how this game plays out. 

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