Taking my ‘sweet’ time!

So….I have finally started taking my camera out and about with me, when visiting exhibitions…(a long time coming!). However…I missed out on ‘Sunken Cities’ at the British Museum cos tickets were sold out and (as per another bad habit, I’m trying to kick) I did the last minute dot com thing again!!! Going to see an exhibition on the day it’s closing!!! A habit I am determined to kick!!!  Now I can only imagine what it would have been like to see the exhibition I missed…  it has been showing since April…May…and got great reviews. Oh well…

So I have started taking my camera out and about which is great….and I might possibly get into the habit of buying advance tickets to exhibitions so don’t get caught out. ‘Sunken cities’ sounds like an exhibition of an archaeological dig…(maybe, I wouldn’t have liked it that much). Sour grapes!!!  Ha!  

One consolation is that I bought ‘fast film’ …(perfect for this weather) and I am already 28 shots into a 36 exposure film!  Eager to see what photos taken with 3200 ISO film speed will look like.  Never used such high speed film before and it’s been eons since I last used this camera!  Well…going on at least six years ago!

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