Learning ‘to see’…

For soooooo long, I wanted a digital SLR and simply abandoned my camera. Instead I used my iPhone to take pics. And now after sooo long…I have grudgingly taken my film SLR out for a spin and I absolutely love it!!! I like this waiting game…not knowing immediately how good or bad a shot is. Not being able to press delete…it’s a new experience after all the immediacy of taking selfies and what not with my phone. So, I’m working them both!  But…my SLR is teaching me patience and ‘to see’. I can’t be snap happy…I have got to be sure and (I suppose) that’s a good thing. But for so long, I didn’t see it that way…the whole idea of continuously paying for film and processing….naaaahh! But, I just might be able to work this angle…if I don’t go all snap happy and actually think before I shoot. Next step is finding an open access dark room…(to save on film processing). 

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