I had a nightmare about towpaths…I woke up absolutely terrified and realised its just my phobias playing on my mind. I need to learn to swim…at least swim without panicking…I can move my legs but still sussing out what to do with my arms!  So in my nightmare…I basically keep going even when the towpath ends…(I am actually terrified of any vast body of water but I hide it really well). Any other day, I would tell myself…that’s it, stop walking down towpaths.  I just need to face my fear of water and keep practising (with an instructor) till I can confidently stay afloat (without panicking). 


  1. Wow, what a coincidence. I, too, dreamed about drowning last night. It was one of those ultra realistic dreams. And I’m not afraid of water and swim like a fish. Must be the moon 🤓

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