Losing the carnival spirit

Going with my mum to Nottinghill Carnival is not something I’ll do again in a hurry. It was fun but tiring. It’s so much easier to look out for yourself in such a crowd without having to look out for someone else. She was seriously cramping my style…I actually had so much more fun when I didn’t have to look out for her…(we got separated…😀😀😜)…she walks really fast….there is so much to see….she just wants to get home…I stop to take pics…turn around and she is nowhere to be found.  

She is still moaning about something that was spilled on the leg of her trouser…(seriously)…nah, Carnival is most definitely not for me taking mum along…its for me on my own or with someone else (who loves to party). 

All she can remember is how crowded it was!…going on about how you can get stabbed in a crowd…carnival goers are not all sociopaths…besides there is a strong police presence!!!

Mum even got a really nice pic with dancers…

But is still moaning…wow. 

Believe me, the Carnival is fun!

Yes, it’s crowded…yes, there is some (eardrum splitting) loud music, yes the crowd get boisterous and starts pushing…that’s why the children’s carnival is on Sunday (lot more mellow) and the adult carnival is on Monday (a lot wilder).


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