What a d**khead!

Just been on a uber trip with a very rude driver…called me a stupid cow…at the end of a phone conversation. So this fool finally finds the pick up point which was just down the road…I actually stood in the middle of the road waving him forward. (So…I called uber and granted I had not properly set pickup location…my fault entirely. So driver calls me and I know he’s up the road, so I apologise and wave him forward and before he hangs up this geezer calls me a stupid cow). So when he comes to pick me up, I accost him and tell him how unprofessional he is, get in the car, take the ride, give him 1 star, report him to über. All I need now is his license plate, über reg number, which hopefully I’ll get from email (whenever I receive confirmation of trip). 


  1. I think this is partly why I’ve never used this service. I kinda feel like you’d never know who you were gonna get, and if they’re rude arses like the guy you’ve just described… well, I don’t need that in my day. 😛

    1. He was well out of order! Just goes to show that some (if not most ) of their drives are not vetted. But in not going to let it go…I tweeted this post and got reply from uber (y’know how they don’t want bad press and stuff)…apologising and saying the driver broke the code of conduct. 😀

  2. This got me thinking… Sometimes they do forget it’s a career and get unprofessional… Perhaps he had a stressful moment prior to the call… Take it a bit lightly 🙂

      1. most of the drivers are angry because when the company first started the drivers were making good money. the company changed its policies in favor more profits for the company.

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