Championing…(the champions)

Now that I have time to breathe…I have just about caught the tail end of the Olympics …the marathon. I have loved all the sneaky peeks I caught over the last two weeks when I’ve been working non stop. The long jumpers, high jumpers, pole vaulters were awesome…I have a weakness for dancing horses and the lightning Bolt. I go all mushy for showmanship. Mo is the man! Neymar is top notch!…and the gymnasts (what can I say?)

Olympians are simply breathtakingly gobsmacking (nice bit of tautology). I have to say this is the first Olympics that I haven’t been glued to the telly…as much as I needed to be a couch potato and gain some besotted goggle eyes… I love the buzz and the competitiveness.  Brazilians must be lapping it up right now…I know I am…so hard to look away from the telly. 

Looking forward to the Paralympics! Kudos to all sporty people out there…I’m definitely going to join a gym. (some) Americans are so sporty…it’s inspiring (so many medals)…and I’m pretty chuffed we are a sporty nation as well… (27 gold medals so far). Obviously there are some bad apples…telling porkies…forgetting that CCTV exists (how droll). 

I am buzzing right now…going to be a lot more active and …get on my bike or at least more long walks…(I really hope I’m not procrastinating and just going with the moment)

306 sporting event; 206 countries taking part…!!! What a feat. 

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