I seriously need to stop rule breaking!  I feel physically sick and it serves me right. I did not wear the required goggles and respiratory mask when reclaiming my screen and now my eyes smart and I have inhaled haze remover.  All the while I was reclaiming my screens…I just thought ‘well, in art school, I never needed to wear googles and a respiratory mask’ but I’m not in art school…and if rules clearly state googles and mask (it’s obviously for a reason). I have just flouted the rules and now I know firsthand why these rules were put in place – to prevent smarting eyes and tickling throats. 

I can still smell the haze remover on my clothes…(I did not wear a splash proof apron). 

When I go back in to clean my screen, I’ll wear a respiratory mask, googles and a splash proof apron. (once bitten, twice shy). 


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