The sexy Sax!!

I fell in love with a store today. Oh gosh…never been in such a beautiful store. You should have seen it. There were saxophones everywhere. What a rush!!!!

I want a sax!!!! Man, I need a sax! I just want to put it on a pedestal and stare at it all day!!! Is that Saxo-(philia)?  I was blushing!! Didn’t speak to anyone in the store about the saxophones…just stared…no, ogled the saxophones…

I did not want to leave the store….gosh saxophones are so…ah…wow. So intricate and intriguing…so masculine yet feminine…so…oh gosh. All I could think of on the way home was how awesome it would be to draw a nude model holding a sax!

I don’t even want to play it (or maybe I would later on)…right now I’m smitten by the awesomeness of the sax!

Defo going to hire a Sax so I could stare at it all day…πŸ˜€β€οΈ  


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